Gay Bullies who cause suicides should be charged with Murder

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This is an election campaign advert. So Gay suicides do not just happen out of the blue.

There are organised groups of bullies who target anyone who starts a new group, journalists and anyone no in the group. Anyone who defends a person from bullying is told they will be next so people are too scared to do the right thing.

When I spoke up to protect Nicola from her trans bully they turned on me and not a single person stopped them, including all the CEOs & Chairperson of every group that new Amber and Nicola were being bullied. They know the bullies names. I even got holiday updates from World Pride about what a lovely time Nicola's bully had!

Isn't Mother Gretta so thoughtful to keep me informed about the person who I regard as causing the rape that led to Nicola's death? 

As a trans person who did not pass aka  "a male looking trans person" Nicola and Amber were in the "males do not get help" classification so they were refused help from "the places funded to help Trans people stay alive"!

The bullies use a landmark forum methodology to induce a crisis that leads to suicide. It's been done many times and there are people who are telling people the only way to get services is to self harm. Self harm allows agencies to cry about suicide and get more funding for their cocktail parties for the rich!

Thus what the leaders of the HIV, LGB & Trans Community are doing when they fail to stop bullying is enabling murder.

It's time the Police stopped investigating victims and started putting the bullies that cause people to kill themselves - in jail where they belong.

People that rape children, human traffic and organ traffic should face the death penalty because their crimes take away the life of the victim so the "Karens" need to stop getting off scott free for what are after all knowingly planned and executed crimes.


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