Why Enforcing Mandates & Promoting Medical Fascism Equals Reputational Loss

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This is Fagmedia President Special Report on the theme "Why Enforcing Mandates equals Reputational Loss". Leaving Sugar Mountain predicts that we will be saying "I told You So" a lot moving forward.

This is jam packed with #Memes that tell a story about the World moving forward. It's very Help Desk Inspired with Lena Belle Music It's beginning to look a lot like Fascism.", Fox News interview with Dr Naomi Wolf, Classical Lefty, Last of the Sensible Feminists, Catherine Austin Fits on how the Mr War to become Mr the next Mr Globals Candidates are trying using Digital IDs to turn your house and car etc into Concentration Camps.

Through out all of this the President of Fagmedia [B.A. Post-Grad Dip GradDip] sets out to describe how it has always been a bad idea for groups that represent grassroots interests to get into bed with Political Parties, Government, Big Pharma , Big Media and now Bog Tech!

The Grassroots do not appreciate Leaders that sew division, chaos and force competitions that resemble ongoing passive aggressive humiliation and unwelcoming spaces. Individual Rights to Privacy & Our Creator Given Dignity, Respect and Grace-full Charity.

We cannot make active informed consent on anything currently before us because the McGowan Government's attacks on Free Speech by intimidating and Bullying anyone who wants to see the Product Insert showing the ingredients list of the contents of the vaccine through public shaming mind control rituals that are dividing people in WA.

Watch it and think for your self. We are doing our job as accredited media organisation, the leading Independent and Uncorrupted Straight LGB, HIV & Trans Community Media Stable in Western Australia.

We think life is so much easier if you don't discriminate and you try to be friendly and get along in public correctly with everyone.

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