Ageism makes older adults with HIV easily exploited by greedy unregulated health care providers

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Ageism & HIV Stigma cause isolation which makes it easy for older adults with HIV to be corralled, contained & have their personal medical entitlements exploited by greedy unregulated health care providers and the opportunistic mind control used by workers to manipulate & isolate decisions.

A HIV Positive person should never be asked by the Manager of the Integrated Services Department aka the Case Management Leader to sign access to hospital records in exchange for access to services provided by the WA AIDS Council on behalf of the WA Government according to the WA HIV Strategy.

Or is the WA HIV Strategy now just Toilet Paper under the current regime?

It seems the AIDS Industry is just like real life, is it not all run on creating fear through bullying, blocking access to services or making everything $$$ to access, fear mongering and grooming to create the victims for the next generation of the ruling regime to exploit?

How do you think feminists get the rapists for the funding application funding stories if they didn't have an effective rapist making program just like Bill Gates does in real life. Create the Virus Create the vaccine is not science it's Satanic Eugenics & Fascism pretending to be a branch of Capitalism!

This is a reading, with Commentary of the article "Ageism makes older adults with HIV more vulnerable to Stigma" The article highlights research that demonstrates that "Discrimination negatively impacts the mental health of older HIV patients...

& Older adults with #HIV are being overlooked when it comes to prevention and treatment, scientists have said. Confronted to the dual stigma of their HIV status and their age, these patients may feel the negative effects of discrimination more acutely".

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