Cost Shifting Pressures Patients and Other Petty Corruption in Health Care

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If the WA AIDS Council wish to become a legitimate service provider they need to be able to get more than 4 or 5 HIV+ people to show up to their forums. Perhaps, telling HIV+ People in WA they had to submit all questions to the Panel led by Senator Louise Pratt in writing before the event made people think the event was going to be just another toilet paper flush of the WA HIV Strategy?

Fact Checkers need to remember the Spell Check Humiliation Ritual conducted by the team behind #CloseNAPWHADown It's not just politics & fraud vitiates everything.

And what about the UnIntegrated #AIDSPolice Department not being able to create a zoom link and have it sent out before the event? Would you fancy dealing with the personal liability issues associated with being the leader of the panel and allowing it to be run, knowing HIV+ People trying to connect were being blocked by the organisers?

Nuremberg 2 is going to result in legal action from the normies who are currently sleeping. The rising panic amongst health care workers in reaction to the #TwitterFiles, #ElonMusk's Pronouns #ProsecuteFauci and the Women's Health Scandal unleashed in the #PfizerFiles by is tangible.

As their staff continue to busily run around throwing lighted matches into a hayfield and pretending nothing is happening?

This is a Leaving Sugar Mountain reading of an Article "State Government ‘cost-shifting’ costing health fund members more than $1 billion per year and growing" to support and provide information for attendees of the Western Australian HIV & Ageing Forum that is being planned for 2022.

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